Feb 22, 2017

CVR February 2017 Meeting


The "Progressive" Far Left and the Beltway Establishment have declared War against President Trump.  By extension, they have also declared war against the large segment of America that voted for the president.  At tomorrow's meeting we'll discuss the Anti-Trumpers' Collective Temper Tantrum, their real goals, their strategy and how we can respond to help advance the president's agenda. 
Please note that our first order of business will be the election of board members for 2017.  To vote a member must have paid his or her 2017 membership dues and attended at least two meetings in the previous ten months.  Dues can be paid immediately prior to the meeting upon arrival.  Dues that have been received starting in October 2016 are considered as payment for 2017 membership.  
At tomorrow's meeting we'll also make important announcements about upcoming events & activities.