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CVR 2016 County Council Questionnaire

CVR 2016 Judicial questionnaire

CVR 2016 Ohio General Assembly Questionnaire

CVR 2016 US Senate and Representative Questionnaire

CVR 2016 Screening Committee Letter Primaries

CVR 2016 Candidate Screening Committee Ratings

CVR 2016 Membership Form

CVR 2016 US-Senate-Rep Questionnaire-General Election

CVR 2016-County-Council-Questionnaire-General Election

CVR 2016-Judicial-Candidates-Questionnaire-General Election

CVR 2016 Ohio-Gen-Assembly-Questionnaire-General Election

CVR 2016 Candidate-Screening-Committee-Intro-Letter for General Election

CVR 2017 Membership Form

CVR 2018 Membership Form

CVR 2019 Membership Form

CVR 2020 Membership Form