There is no "Right to Vote"

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I found this article a real eye and mind opener.

The things we assume are rights.
The founders were wary about the obvious tyrannies from monarchies and dictatorships. 
But they also feared the tyranny of mob rule through democracy. 
The checks and balances between branches of the federal government were one impediment of tyranny. 
But lesser understood or explained is the check on us -- citizens.
The house of representatives are one speed bump against the passions of mob inflamed rule.
The Senate (which used to represent states) were another against the passions of the house and therefore the people.
The Electoral college is a check against large populous states being tyrannical toward smaller less populous ones.
Are we wiser now to risk our republic with unregulated democracy?
 Is it, really?
An interesting question. 

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Market Insights

From American Heritage Financial Group's January 2018 Newsletter

Ultimately, our optimism remains rooted in the positive fundamental outlook.  Bear markets rarely occur outside of economic downturns, and current recession risk appears low both at home and abroad.  Given all this, my advice for investors is to stay invested but also to lower expectations. 

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